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Graduation Supply specializes in Judicial Robes and Judicial Gown manufacturing with a design facility and production factory located in China. We specialize in large volume orders of all types of judge and courtroom gowns attire. Our clients can select from existing product samples or create and customize judge gowns, judge robes, judicial attire, black robes, and black judicial robes to suit the needs of their courtroom. We offer judge and courtroom attire packages at competitive prices and top quality that you will be proud of.

Working with Graduation Supply to design and manufacture your judicial gowns and Judge’s robe provides our customers a distinct competitive advantage that no other Chinese graduation gown and graduation accessory supplier can offer. The design, production and export of your courtroom gowns, caps and other related apparel can be handled in the most professional, cost effective and time efficient manner, using our extensive material and design options, highly skilled staff and experience with shipping large orders to gown international wholesalers, distributors and high volume retailers worldwide. Our factory in China facilitates over 600 well trained employees, committed to producing the highest quality products. Graduation Supply's sales staff can walk you through the entire process from initial design concepts, material and feature selection, right into full production with the shortest lead times possible.

Submit your order request or inquiry today to get more information about how Graduation Supply can become part of your solution to source to robes for judges, courtroom gowns and other judicial attire.

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